Our Bernie Wolfe Landscaping Project is Complete!

We've been landscaping Winnipeg and surrounding areas for nearly twenty years now, and this project was one of our favourites. When we originally heard of Bernie Wolfe's landscaping ideas for this project, we were thrilled! Now we're happy to say that the project is complete and ready for the students to enjoy.

To complete this landscaping project, we installed a number of picnic tables, along with one wheelchair accessible one to make the entire area accessible to people with physical limitations. We purchased these sturdy picnic tables from one our favourite Winnipeg suppliers, Barkman Concrete. 

Once the patio was completely installed, we painted it red, yellow, black and white to reflect the colours of the medicine wheel. Next, we installed a number of plants and grasses in the berm area. These include: Indian Warrior grass, Karl Foerster grass, Coneflowers, Black-Eyed Susans, Russian Sage, Coral Bells and Blue Oatgrass.

We also installed some planted boxes, or garden boxes, along the fence. This area will look even more beautiful once the plants have had a chance to grow and fill out. 

A big thank you to Bernie Wolfe School for giving us the opportunity to work on this unique landscaping project with you. We hope your students enjoy! 


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Bernie Wolfe School Landscaping Project - Phase Five

Our project at Bernie Wolfe School is looking great! We've added black granite onto the berm and have started assembling the tipi.

The diameter of the tipi is 18 feet, and each one of the 15  wood rails is between 24 and 25 feet in length. We bought these rails from Assiniboine Tipi in Lundar, Manitoba, sanded them down and finished them with a linseed oil to protect the wood and prepare them for the canvas we'll be adding. 

As the tipi will be used as an alternative classroom space in the warmer months, we installed a fine grain sand to the floor of it so the students at Bernie Wolfe will have a more comfortable place to sit.  

As you can see below, the medicine wheel patio is now completely installed. We have a few finishing touches to add to this site, but it's almost ready for the warm welcome of students in September. 

Bernie Wolfe School Landscaping Project - Phase Four

We're pleased that this landscaping project is coming along so well. The patio is now installed and we've added 1/4 down black granite around the boulders. 

The berm here is approximately 30 inches above the patio elevation. Our next step is to install a variety of plants including Karl Foerster grasses, Daylilies and Brown-eyed Susans, which will seclude the space and create a private area for an outdoor classroom. 

At this stage, we've installed the grass around the flagstone, and we've completed putting 1/4 down black granite around the future medicine wheel area. 

The material we used here is 1/4 down black granite. We designed it so that there's wheelchair accessibility directly off of the asphalt sidewalk. 

This particular area will be used for picnic tables. The entire area will be accessible for any children with physical limitations, so everyone will be able to join in the fun.

These are the two variations of Barkman Concrete picnic tables that we're installing. Both types will be in Premium Charcoal Pebblestone. 

Wheelchair Access Patio Table 

Wheelchair Access Patio Table 

40 Inch Patio Table 

40 Inch Patio Table 

Picnic table image source: Barkman Concrete

This is the pathway from the picnic table area to the medicine wheel patio. 

Bernie Wolfe School Landscaping Project - Phase Two

Yesterday we dug out the area at Bernie Wolfe School that will soon be converted into a beautiful OUTDOOR CLASSROOM! The staff at Bernie Wolfe came to us with a brilliant idea to create an outdoor learning space for their students that will be semi-private and wheelchair accessible. This is going to be an incredibly fun landscaping project for us, and we're looking forward to watching it develop in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!