Bernie Wolfe School Landscaping Project - Phase Five

Our project at Bernie Wolfe School is looking great! We've added black granite onto the berm and have started assembling the tipi.

The diameter of the tipi is 18 feet, and each one of the 15  wood rails is between 24 and 25 feet in length. We bought these rails from Assiniboine Tipi in Lundar, Manitoba, sanded them down and finished them with a linseed oil to protect the wood and prepare them for the canvas we'll be adding. 

As the tipi will be used as an alternative classroom space in the warmer months, we installed a fine grain sand to the floor of it so the students at Bernie Wolfe will have a more comfortable place to sit.  

As you can see below, the medicine wheel patio is now completely installed. We have a few finishing touches to add to this site, but it's almost ready for the warm welcome of students in September.