Our Bernie Wolfe Landscaping Project is Complete!

We've been landscaping Winnipeg and surrounding areas for nearly twenty years now, and this project was one of our favourites. When we originally heard of Bernie Wolfe's landscaping ideas for this project, we were thrilled! Now we're happy to say that the project is complete and ready for the students to enjoy.

To complete this landscaping project, we installed a number of picnic tables, along with one wheelchair accessible one to make the entire area accessible to people with physical limitations. We purchased these sturdy picnic tables from one our favourite Winnipeg suppliers, Barkman Concrete. 

Once the patio was completely installed, we painted it red, yellow, black and white to reflect the colours of the medicine wheel. Next, we installed a number of plants and grasses in the berm area. These include: Indian Warrior grass, Karl Foerster grass, Coneflowers, Black-Eyed Susans, Russian Sage, Coral Bells and Blue Oatgrass.

We also installed some planted boxes, or garden boxes, along the fence. This area will look even more beautiful once the plants have had a chance to grow and fill out. 

A big thank you to Bernie Wolfe School for giving us the opportunity to work on this unique landscaping project with you. We hope your students enjoy! 


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